[Ranked} Best Class in Dragon’s Dogma (Updated 2021) (2023)

When it comes to Dragon’s Dogma, weight and height play a major role in how strong and fast each of your game characters is. This means that you must assign a powerful vocation or class to your heroes to make them, for instance, a potent caster or strong fighter. The strength of your character will build on your team of four’s powers, allowing you to battle. In this article, we help you determine thebest classin Dragon’s Dogma that could be appropriate for your main pawn and Arisen team.

1. Fighter

First on our list forthe best classis the fighter. Though they lack MDEF, fighters are hardy tanks with impressive DEP and HP levels. They are able to wear one-handed swords, heavy armor, and shields that are suitable for the strongest member of your party. Moreover, fighters have a bonus knockdown resistance.

Core Skills

  • Vault­­­­­— They can execute a jump to a higher location.
  • Onslaught— They can perform continuous attacks with a one-handed sword.
  • Controlled Fall(Rank 3, 1200 DP) – They are able to tuck their body into a firm roll when falling or alleviating harm.
  • Empale— They can execute a stabbing strike straight forward.
  • Deflect(Rank 3, 1400 DP) – They can deflect attacks back towards the assailant.
  • Dire Onslaught(Rank 1, 800 DP) – Enables them to strengthen continuous one-handed sword strikes.


  • Vehemence(Rank 8, 6000 DP) – Increases your strength by 10%.
  • Vigilance(Rank 2, 700 DP) – Improves your maximum Health by 100.
  • Exhilaration(Rank 7, 4500 DP) – When your Health is critical, it increases your strength by 50%.
  • Egression(Rank 5, 2800 DP) – Enables you to escape easily from assailant grapple-holds.

In terms of armor, the most appropriate armor for a fighter is Heavy Armor Sets, together with padded, reinforced, armored or chain underclothes. However, a custom fighter armor may leave the protected shield arm unarmored and still be able to protect the sword hand.

2. Ranger

As one of the Advanced Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma, it costs 1,000 Discipline Points to switch to Ranger. When compared to the Striders, Rangers have a lowered DEF and HP but a greater STR and ST.

Core Skills

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  • Forward Roll(Rank 5, 2200 DP) – It enables you to curl forward into a tumble as an evasive technique.
  • Carve(Already learned) – Executes continuous attacks with a dagger.
  • Engrave(Rank 1,800 DP) – An advanced form of Carve that involves kicks after continuous dagger attacks.
  • Double Vault(Rank 5, 1800 DP) – Allows you to kick the air to propel you in a second leap.


  • Precision(Rank 8, 7000 DP) – Keeps your arrows targeted on the mark when fired while moving.
  • Morbidity(Rank 6, 3500 DP) – Increases the amount of damage to your enemies with non-Archmagick strikes by 30%.
  • Efficacy(Rank 6, 3500 DP) – Increases the effect of Stamina and Health restoration items by 20%.
  • Trajectory(Rank 6, 3500 DP) – Boosts the range of your arrows by 30%.

Generally, armor rangers are best suited to Light Armor Sets or other similar non-set components that leave one hand free for effective use of the bow.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Best Class – Which To Choose

3. Sorcerer

Sorcerers are considered the bestclassin Dragon’s Dogma due to their powerful attack casters that often use archistaff and robes. Just like with Mages, their weapons wield twice the amount of their skills. For you to switch to the Sorcerer, it will cost you 1,000 Discipline Points.

Sorcerers have a much greater MDEF and MAG when compared to Mages, but they have a lowered HP.

Core Skills

  • Magick Agent(Rank 6, 3,000 DP) – Allows you to conjure spheres of magickal energy to attack approaching enemies.
  • Fulmination– Shields from crackling lightning.
  • Petrification– Turns your foes to stone.
  • Focused Bolt(Rank 6, 3,000 DP) – Enhances your active enchantment into a powerful burst that can be fired mid-air or on the ground.


  • Conversation(Rank 7, 6000 DP) – Lowers the Stamina you consume by 15% when performing a magick weapon skill.
  • Gravitas(Rank 7, 6000) – Increases your stability when performing a spell.
  • Suasion(Rank 2, 1200 DP) – Increases the value of items by 15%.

4. Mystic Knight (Hybrid)

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The Mystic Knight is a vocation that costs 1,500 Discipline Points, though rarely have other undead and human Mystic Knights been encountered. Mystic Knights are magical fighters who often use medium armor, such as a sword, staff or mace. Unlike Sorcerers and Mages.

They come with wield shields; hence do not gain double stave skills.

Core Skills

  • Thundercounter– Deflects back elemental damage to your foe.
  • Reflect– Bounces back any attacks at the assailant.
  • Magick Bolt –Executes a magick bolt from your staff.
  • Magick Billow– This allows you to swing your staff downwards to send your foe to the ground.


·Periphery(Rank 3, 1,800 DP) – Maintains your stability when blocking attacks with your shield and increases your Stagger Resistance by 50%.

·Fortitude(Rank 1, 1,200 DP) – Lowers physical damage by 30%.

·Adamance(Rank 3, 1800 DP) – Reduces the amount of Stamina used when blocking attacks with your shield by 50%.

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Mystic Knights are best suited to Medium Armor Sets; most of their armors have high magic enchantments and physical defense mechanisms.

7. Assassin (Hybrid)

To unlock the Assassin vocation, it will cost you 1,500 Discipline Points. Assassins are generally ultimate killers wearing light armor with a dagger, a sword, a short bow, and a shield. Moreover, they have an impressive STR but a lowered MDEF and DEF.

Core Skills

  • Onslaught(Already learned) – Executes continuous attacks with a one-handed sword.
  • Double Vault(Rank 5, 1,800 DP) – Allows you to perform kicks at the air to propel yourself in a second leap.
  • Vault(Already learned) – Enables you to jump to a higher location.
  • Deflect(Rank 3, 1,400 DP) – An advanced form of defense mechanism that deflects attacks back toward the assailant.


  • Sanguinity(Rank 3, 1,800 DP) – Increases your Maximum Health by 100 at night.
  • Bloodlust(Rank 4, 2,400 DP) – Increases your Magick and Strength by 70% at night. It also mitigates Magickal and Physical damage by 30 health points.
  • Entrancement(Rank 2, 1,200 DP) – Increases your maximum Stamina by 100 points at night.

Similar to that of the Strider, the Assassin’s armor has high mobility with fair defense mechanisms. However, Assassins usually leave the foe with minimal chances to respond after the attack as their armors sets are less defensive.

8. Magick Archer

Sixth on our list forthe best classis the Magick Archer, one of the three Hybrid vocations in Dragon’s Dogma that costs 1,500 Discipline Points to unlock. Magick Knight is a spell singer that often uses a mix of both light robes, daggers, staves, and special magick bows.

However, you only have a normal amount of skill when using a staff with Mystic Knight. Similar to a Mage, they have a greater Def and ST but suffer a less MAG.

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Core Skills

  • True Seeker(Rank 6, 4000 DP) – An improved form of Seeker that has advanced seeking capabilities.
  • Levitate(Rank 2, 600 DP) – An advanced Feather Jump that lowers the pull of gravity and enables you to land gently even from great heights.
  • Focused Bolt(Rank 6, 3,000 DP) – Enhances your character’s enchantment into a very powerful burst that can be fired on-air or from the ground.


  • Resilience(Rank 6, 4000 DP) – Lowers the damage you receive by 50%, but it does not save you from death.
  • Potential(Rank 2, 1000 DP) – Increases your maximum Stamina by 100.
  • Detection(Rank 2, 1000 DP) – Expands your field of vision to help easily reveal unknown map areas.

Generally, there are three armor sets that can be said to be suitable for a Magick Archer. They include; Raptor Armor Set, Holy Armor Set, and Novice’s Armor Set.

With lots of these classes to choose from, I guarantee you will find thebest classfor your character in Dragon’s Dark Arisen. However, you should keep in mind that you only have direct control of your main pawn and yourself. The other two hired pawn comrades are owned by other players.

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