Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Best Class – Which To Choose (2023)

Is the topic of this article, but you should know that Dragon’s Dogma classes are known as vocations, and there are nine of them. Whatever vocation you choose will affect your character’s stat growth, giving you higher physical attack and defense attributes rather than magic, or a higher magic defense if you’re into that kind of stuff. But, if you’re unconcerned about all that stat growth and attribute nonsense, choosing the right vocation may not be important because you can change your vocation later in the game.

Your preferred fighting technique will determine the profession you choose. Do you enjoy long-distance combat, launching arrows and other projectiles with your superior agility? Or, do you prefer to engage in a bloody, brutal, close-quarters battle while scaling a huge foe to stab its eye?

What about the third choice? Do you enjoy using magic to boost your team while standing back? You obviously have an option, but choose wisely, Arisen, as every encounter in Dragon’s Dogma is a boss battle.


There are nine vocations: three basic vocations, three advanced vocations, and three hybrid vocations. But which vocation is the best, and which should you choose? Decisions, decisions. Well, first things first, let’s learn what each vocation is and read a few points on what’s great about them.

What’s great about the Fighter?

The fighter is a basic vocation who can use a one-handed weapon and a shield to strike down their foes face-to-face. Their key attribute is strength, and they can take a lot of damage, making the enemy focus on them. The gaming term for a fighter’s rank is “tank,” but you already knew that. Choose a fighter if…

You like to defend as well as attack. The fighter has great balance between shield and attack moves, which helps because enemies in Dragon’s Dogma don’t simply run and attack you, oh no. They wait and time each strike, so you will be watching and waiting to time your blocks.

You find it satisfying to bash your shield against an enemy. Fighters can use powerful attacks with their shield. One of these attacks is called Shield Strike, which knocks back enemies, giving you a chance to deliver a death blow.

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You love teamwork. Because, as you may know, Dragon’s Dogma is heavily reliant on teamwork, and a Fighter can use Springboard to toss an ally high into the air to reach an enemy’s throat.

What’s great about the Strider?

If you love fast and nimble characters, then the strider may be the vocation for you. This basic vocation can use daggers for close-quarters combat but can also utiliZe a shortbow. The strider is not as tough as the fighter, but their agility more than compensates. Choose a strider if…

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You prefer dodging attacks to avoid them. Striders can forward roll, which is great for evading the stomping feet of a cyclops or charging wolves.

You like to explore hard-to-reach places. This vocation can Double Vault, boosting their jumping height, which comes in handy.

You focus on stats and attribute growth. Striders have the most balanced stat growth of the basic vocations, so it may be a great vocation to choose if you’re unsure about which vocation you’d like to change to in the future.

You use a lot of stamina during battle. Strider’s can use a lot of stamina, so Grit is a great augment to have equipped. Grit helps you maintain your mobility when you run out of stamina.

What’s great about the Mage?

The mage is a spellcaster who can use a staff to do your standard elemental damage spells, healing spells, and support spells. The mage is a basic vocation with fantastic magick and magick defense attributes, making a mage a force to be reckoned with. Choose a mage if…

You like to show off your power. Levitate is a mage skill that is supposed to soften falls from high places but instead acts as a double jump to reach out-of-reach ledges.

You like to get close to your enemy sometimes. A mage can use Magick Agent, which are orbs that surround the user and protect them from damage but can also attack foes or break objects.

You’re about that, ‘‘support my team’’ lifestyle. A mage is the only vocation that can heal their allies, making it an essential member of the team.

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You’re a holy one. Mages can damage the undead when they are in range of holy magick and other spells.

What’s great about the Warrior?

The warrior is an advanced vocation which has much more health than the fighter and her weapon of choice is a two-handed weapon that can cut down multiple enemies in one sweep. The warrior can take lots of damage so choose a warrior if…

You love to smash through walls for secrets. Warriors are great at doing environmental damage, which may give your team an advantage in battle.

You prefer to stand and fight toe-to-toe. The warrior has a very high resistance to being knocked down or staggered.

You want to cut down every last enemy. A warrior can use the skill Battlecry to attract enemies to her.

What’s great about the Ranger?

This is an advanced vocation. A ranger has a wider range of skills compared to astrider and uses a longbow as their weapon. Choose a ranger if…

You like to fight from farther away. Their longbow is more powerful at medium range and diminishes in power at close range.

You want to try out advanced skills that are only available to rangers.

You think longbows look cool. The ranger is the only vocation able to use the longbow.

What’s great about the Sorcerer?

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The sorcerer is an advanced vocation that uses an archistaff to cast devastating spells to crush their foes. They focus on fighting at a distance, but unlike the mage, the sorcerer uses mainly attack spells. Choose a sorcerer if…

You find epic elemental magick cool. They can summon a literal tornado and other massive elemental magick to damage multiple enemies at once.

You’d like to use a team of sorcerers to increase your own powers. Sorcerers can perform Spell Synching, which reduces spell casting time while increasing damage. But this only happens when two or more sorcerers in a group use sync spells. A colored ring around the character in the color of the element being cast indicates a successful spell matching.

You want to use unique magick. There are holy and dark magicks available only to the sorcerer, including petrification.

What’s great about the Assassin?

The assassin is a hybrid vocation, which is a combination of two basic vocations. You should know that hybrid vocations cannot be learned by pawns. The assassin is a combination of the fighter and the strider, which means they can use daggers, a sword, a shield, or a bow as their weapons. Choose an assassin if…

You don’t mind adventuring alone. The assassin is the easiest class to use when adventuring without your pawns.

You don’t want to use a shield. This vocation can use Clarity to deflect and counter an enemy’s strike, which can be great if, for some reason, you prefer not to use a shield. But who wouldn’t want to wield a shield in this world?

You love to employ stealth during battle. The assassin skill Stealth renders the user invisible for a while, making it impossible for enemies to attack you.

You’re a night time hunter. Bloodlust and Sanguinity are assassin augment abilities that greatly increase your strength and health but only at night.

What’s great about the Magick Archer?

This is a hybrid vocation between the mage and the strider. They can use a staff, daggers, and magick bows. Choose a magick archer if…

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You like to switch between hands-on combat and magick. Unlike shortbows, the power of magick bows is generally unaffected by distance.

You think magick arrows are the best. Magick bows deal magick damage with magick bolts rather than physical arrows.

You’d like to shoot down many foes at once. Magick bows can home in on targets, meaning that Magick Archers can shoot down multiple enemies in one shot. Handy! This is enhanced by the skill Seeker Bolt.

What’s great about the Mystic Knight?

This is a hybrid vocation between a fighter and a mage. This vocation can use a magick shield combined with either a staff or a one handed weapon. The mystic knight can get close and personal like a fighter while using magick to boost themselves or use damaging magick. Choose a mystic knight if…

You favor strength in battle. Though mystic knights can use lots of magick, they are a frontline vocation with a high strength attribute.

You like using big shields. They are the only vocation that can use the massive magick shield.

You also like to support your team. Mystic Knights can summon a Perilous Sigil and use it in combination with the Great Cannon to damage foes.

So there you go. Now that you know a little more about Dragon’s Dogma’s vocation, choose wisely, Arisen, but don’t fret too much because you can change your vocation later on. All the best.

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