Top 28 Scary & Chilling Halloween Title Sequences from Motion Array – Motion Array (2023)

Horror films are not just for Halloween, but as the spooky season approaches, audiences will be looking for their next big scare. Whether you’re producing a creature feature, slasher, or ghost story, one thing all films will have in common is titles. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our top 28 horror film title templates, ready to download today.

  • Part 2: Title Sequences and How to Use Them

Part 1: 28 Spooky & Scary Halloween Title Sequence Templates

Title sequences are an essential part of any film, but probably none more so than in the horror genre. When you think of the most popular horror movies and franchises, you will likely envision the title sequence. Here is a long handy list to choose from!

1. Happy Halloween Title

The Happy Halloween digital greetings card is ideal for sharing with your fan base this spooky season. Featuring 1 title and 1 logo placeholder, the animated design is fun and friendly and comes in two color options.

Download Happy Halloween Title Now

2. Night of Horror

The Night Of Horror After Effects template includes 10 media and text placeholders in a creepy design. The opener features grungy scratch media windows to display your footage with bold, dripping titles.

Download Night of Horror Now

3. Psycho

Loosely based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho title sequence, this After Effect template is ideal for psychological thrillers, period horror, and ghost stories. The Psycho template features bold text over a vintage-looking film roll transition with a monotone grainy finish.

Download Psycho Now

4. Cinematic Horror Trailer

The Cinematic Horror Trailer project for After Effects includes 15 text and media placeholders taking your viewers slowly through your opening. With a beautiful grunge vignette and glitchy scratching text elements, this project is sure to give your audience the chills.

Download Cinematic Horror Trailer Now

5. Thriller Opener

Ideal for horror and thriller opening sequences, this AE template can create an eerie atmosphere from the start. The trendy design offers full-screen media placeholders and triple-exposed glitchy titles.

Download Thriller Opener Now

6. Dark Horror Trailer

The Dark Horror Trailer Opener projects for AE offer 7 text and 6 media placeholders. The graphic design with scratchy cut-outs is abstract and works perfectly with the giant, blood-red titles crashing through the screen.

Download Dark Horror Trailer Now

7. Horror Movies Titles

The AE Horror Movie Titles pack includes 20 editable title layers in a modular form, allowing you to drag and drop the text elements to your film opening. The tracking motion with angles graphic flourishes gives a high-tech feel, ideal for your sci-fi-based horrors.

Download Horror Movies Titles Now

8. Dark Slide

Dark Side is a short and speedy AE template with 8 media and title placeholders. The design has a magical feel, with purple particle clouds highlighting each title and burn-style glitch transitions for an other-worldly look.

Download Dark Slide Now

9. Be Scared Horror Title

The Be Scared Horror Title project contains just 1 edible text layer, but this incredible template offers a lot. Complete with a digital squares glitch, the green grunge background makes an eerie setting for the runic-designed text.

Download Be Scared Horror Title Now

10. VHS Horror Titles Logo

Ideal for 80s and 90s set films or found footage-based horrors, the VHS Titles logo comes with 6 creepy backgrounds. The bright colors and glitchy grunge design are sure to get your audience in the mood for some scares.

Download VHS Horror Titles Logo Now

11. Spooky Scary Titles

The Spooky Scary Titles template updates the classic Hollywood horror style sequences with a fun and trendy look. Featuring gravestones, a spooky castle, thunderstorms, and a creepy skeleton character, this title sequence adds a touch of humor to your opening.

Download Spooky Scary Titles Now

12. Horror Story

Horror story is a traditional newspaper headline style sequence, flicking through media highlighted by blood splatter patterns. The News Article-style opener has been a part of many popular films such as David Fincher’s Zodiac.

Download Horror Story Now

13. Bloody Grunge Titles

The Bloody Grunge titles sequence for Adobe After Effects includes 8 different title animations. The ritualistic design includes skulls, tarot cards, and knives, ideal for your demon worship-type movies.

Download Bloody Grunge Titles Now

14. Scary Horror Trailer

The Scary Horror trailer provides a sequence of blood-style title cards with a cartoony feeling design. Ideal for video indents and Halloween social media updates, this template isn’t scary but certainly suits the season.

Download Scary Horror Trailer Now

15. Horror Cinematic Titles

This Adobe Premiere template includes 7 media and 16 text placeholders, ideal for your movie and TV series title cards. With a grunge overlay, flickering digital glitch effects, and plenty of grain, the Horror Cinematic Titles project manages to be both old and modern.

Download Horror Cinematic Titles Now

16. Horror Teaser

The Horror Teaser project for Premiere is an incredibly versatile project that could be used across the horror and thriller genres. With full-screen grunge titles and gitch transitions to your media, the project can be customized for your needs.

Download Horror Teaser Now

17. Horror Trailer

The Premiere Horror Trailer template is another creepy but versatile project that would work well for supernatural, zombie or serial killer-themed pieces. With lots of dust and scratch, the unique title design slowly pulls the viewer into your film.

Download Horror Trailer Now

18. Scary Trailer

Scary Trailer is a blood-soaked and speedy opener for Premiere Pro users, perfect for a range of horror sub-genres. The flickering transitions move you through the images, with huge title elements glitching in and out.

Download Scary Trailer Now

19. Bloody Opener

Ideal for your slasher and gore-based horror movies, the Bloody Opener for Premiere will perfectly set the tone. Your audience follows a blood trail to your media and title elements, creating stunning blood splashes and drips along the way.

Download Bloody Opener Now

20. Dark Titles Logo

The Dark Titles Logo for Premiere offers 5 titles, 3 media, and 1 logo placeholder for a short and chilling opening. Using a range of brushstroke effects, your titles appear through a blog-like smear across the screen.

Download Dark Titles Logo Now

21. Halloween Scary Titles

The Halloween Scary title is a pack for Premiere Pro, including 5 beautifully rendered 3D animations. The simple design makes these animations incredibly versatile; used for title cards, opening sequences, or even lower thirds.

Download Halloween Scary Titles Now

22. Cinematic Halloween Pack

The Cinematic Halloween pack for FCPX includes 3 designs in both vertical and horizontal formats. The beautifully rendered backgrounds give a spooky but fun feel, with plenty of room for messaging.

Download Cinematic Halloween Pack Now

23. Halloween Cartoon Titles

This Final Cut Pro Halloween Cartoon Titles template is ideal for adding a spooky flourish to your videos. The cute drag-and-drop animations include candles, pumpkins, a coffin, and a cauldron, with subtle titles to match the style.

Download Halloween Cartoon Titles Now

24. Horror Slideshow

The Horror Slideshow is ideal for events promotions and party highlights reels, with 10 media and title placeholders. The subtle slideshow has a smooth old black and white movie design with red glitchy title effects.

Download Halloween Party Opener Now

25. Rooms: Horror Opener

The Rooms Horror Opener template for Final Cut Pro offers 8 media and title placeholders in a unique 3D style. With 3D rooms, bold text, and a film reel style transition, your audience will feel like they’re viewing a haunted house from a rickety elevator.

Download Rooms: Horror Opener Now

26. Halloween Titles

The Halloween titles pack contains 9 editable text layers and is available for Premiere, DaVinci, and After Effects. Featuring gothic-style statue footage, the titles reveal a splatter transition and sharp vertical light beams.

Download Halloween Titles Now

27. Halloween Spooky Title

The DaVinci Halloween Spooky titles pack includes 5 pre-animated text and icon elements. The cartoonish and friendly designs include a coffin, ghost, pumpkin, and gravestone, ideal for use with or without the text.

Download Halloween Spooky Title Now

28. Halloween Instagram

The Halloween Instagram pack for DaVinci Resolve is a fun set of 5 Insta Stories posts, each with at least two text placeholders. The cartoony style and bright design make these templates ideal for wishing your audience a happy Halloween.

Download Halloween Instagram Now

Part 2: Title Sequences and How to Use Them

Your titles are a fantastic way to set up the expectations of the audience. The Nightmare on Elm Street series perfectly captures the tone of the films in their titles, with an oversize, blood-red Nightmare the focus of the title and scratchy effects as if made by Freddy himself. If you want to find out even more about some of the most famous horror title sequences, check out this guide.

No matter which platform you edit in, downloadable template projects will all take a similar form and structure. Customizing a template can take as little as half an hour and provides a unique and stylish opening for your project.

  1. Double click on the project download to open it in your editing software.
  2. Find the project browser and look for a set of folders containing the customizable comps. These folders will be named differently depending on your template, but there will be one for each media/video and the titles/text.
  3. Open up the Media folder first, and double click the first comp in the list.
  4. Drag your media to the timeline above any placeholder image that might be in the timeline already (sometimes the comps will be empty, other times, they may have a solid or background placeholder).
  5. In the Effects Control panel for the clip, adjust the Size and Position as needed.
  6. Close the media comp and return to the main timeline. Go through each media comp, completing these steps.
  7. Once all your media is in place, go to the Titles folder and double click the first Title comp.
  8. Select the title in the timeline and double-click it in the media viewer to edit it. Change the text, fonts, and colors to your preference.
  9. Your template may have other editable comps, such as music. Use the same steps above to open and edit any other customizations you want to make.
  10. Once you are done, return to the main timeline and export, ready to use in your movie.

Whatever your next project is, title sequence templates are a great way to add production value and save time on your production. There are thousands of title downloads available on Motion Array, so whether you’re making a comedy, a kids film, a sci-fi, or a drama, you’re sure to find something you like.