11 Best Free Military Games (2022)

From Call of Duty to World of Tanks, military games come in all shapes and sizes these days! Regardless of your playstyle and or preferred system, there are a plethora of military games available.

The best part? The games on the following list are not only some of the best games around, but they are absolutely free!

In no particular order, here are the best free military games.

11. BRAIN / OUT (PC)

BRAIN / OUT gameplay

BRAIN / OUT is a multiplayer shooter set in a retro-style post-Soviet republic. As a mercenary, you’ll battle and exterminate your enemies with an arsenal of over 150 modifiable weapons and items. With a motto of “no pay to win”, your skills will be tested and rewarded as you climb your way to the top of the skill ladder!

What Makes BRAIN / OUT Fun?

  • A huge arsenal of weapons and equipment to customize and experiment with.
  • A genuine test of skill with a steep but rewarding learning curve
  • A fun and retro art style that fits the setting and play style perfectly.

Shoot first: BRAIN / OUT has a steep but rewarding learning curve that will draw you in with twitch-based, adrenaline-pumping gunplay in urban environments.

Guns galore: BRAIN / OUT has a plethora of period weapons for the post-Soviet republic setting.

10. Art of War: Red Tides (PC / Mobile)

Art of War: Red Tides gameplay

Art of War: Red Tides is a vibrant multiplayer strategy game for the PC and mobile platforms. The rules are simple: select 10 units from one of three unique races to destroy your enemy’s forces and their base. Adjust your strategy after each wave to anticipate and counter their next move along with your team. It’s a simple concept but with the quick pace and variety of units, the player is guaranteed a unique and thrilling experience with each game!

What Makes Art of War: Red Tides Fun?

  • Intense battles with over 300 ground and aerial units on the battlefield.
  • Fast-paced and rapidly changing action keeps you on your toes.
  • Simple gameplay with added depth and strategy based on unit and commander skills.

(Video) Best WAR Games 2021 | Top 10 best Military War games for PC

Art of war: The vibrant color scheme helps the game stand out among similar competitors and looks fantastic.

Choices: Art of War provides a wide variety of races and units to choose from.

9. Black Squad (PC)

Black Squad gameplay

Black Squad is a gorgeous free-to-play military first-person-shooter. The game boasts over 85 weapons and over 48 maps so there is no shortage in the ways you can gun down your enemies. 10 game modes, a custom game creation feature, constant developer updates, and a number of community rankings, clan wars, and tournaments ensure that the game never loses its focus on the fun!

What Makes Black Squad Fun?

  • Over 85 weapons to choose from and over 400 skins to collect – all through skill.
  • A plethora of game types and constant updates means the game is always evolving.
  • Active and competitive community tournaments and ranked modes.

Skills to kill: Black Squad emphasizes skill above all else to defeat your enemies online.

A fiery new look: Customize your character and loadout with over 400 skins and 85 weapons to unlock.

8. PlanetSide 2 (PC / Playstation 4)

PlanetSide 2 gameplay

PlanetSide 2 is one of the most well-known games on this list and for good reason. Boasting battles of up to 2000 players per continent, the gameplay is like nothing you’ve ever played before. Battle your way to victory with a class-based leveling system that allows you to specialize your skills as everything from a heavy assault player to an infiltrator. With vehicles aplenty and massive battles on a gorgeously rendered world, this game is still a joy 7 years after launch.

What Makes PlanetSide 2 Fun?

  • Enormous battles of epic proportion, unlike any other game.
  • Focus on teamwork and strategy at both small and large scale.
  • Deep leveling and class system ensures that every player can contribute to victory.

Dominate the battlefield: With up to 2,000 players fighting over a continent, battles will always feel epic and massive.

Battle buddies: Despite the massive scale of the fight, PlanetSide 2 emphasizes small scale squad and platoon teamwork to win the war inch by inch.

(Video) Top 5 Best Military Games 2020

7. Heroes and Generals WWII (PC)

Heroes and Generals WWII gameplay

Heroes and Generals WWII is another beautiful massive online first-person-shooter set in the midst of WWII. Playing as either an American, German, or Soviet soldier, you’ll choose from a number of classes so you can bring the fight to the enemy as an infantryman on the ground, from the hull of a tank or from the sky as in an aircraft. Climb up the ranks to General and you decide the overall strategy that will bring your faction to victory in the overall war!

What Makes Heroes and Generals WWII Fun?

  • Over 65 historically-accurate weapons and over 75 vehicle platforms in your arsenal..
  • Climbing the ranks to General and fighting the war from a completely different perspective.
  • Combat Badges to enhance your ability to fight and win.

World at war: Take the fight on the ground in large-scale infantry and armor combat as either American, German, or Soviet soldiers.

Generals and heroes: Climb up the ranks to general and command the war on a larger scale.

6. World of Tanks (PC / Playstation 4 / Xbox One / Xbox 360 / Mobile)

World of Tanks gameplay

World of Tanks is one of the biggest names in free-to-play wargames out there and a personal favorite! With more intricately detailed tanks to unlock than you ever thought existed, a mix of arcade-style shooting with enough realistic armor and ammunition rating systems to keep it challenging, and an extremely healthy community, this is a must-play on this list! Plus, it’s on just about every system out there, so no matter what platform you’re on you can join in on the fun.

What Makes World of Tanks Fun?

  • Over 400 historically-accurate tanks and armored vehicles to unlock, customize, and destroy.
  • Constant updates, add-ons, tournaments, and in-game events ensure there is always something new going on.
  • Enjoyable gameplay that mixes arcade and realistic shooting styles that is easy to learn but challenging to perfect.

Fire and maneuver: World of Tanks perfectly blends arcade-style action with realistic penetration and shooting mechanics.

Tanks galore: With over 400 tanks and counting, World of Tanks will always have something new to unlock in events and community challenges.

5. World of Warships (PC / Playstation 4 / Xbox One / Mobile)

(Video) Realistic Shooter Games and Military Simulation in Under 10 Minutes

World of Warships gameplay

World of Warships is the naval counterpart to World of Tanks, meaning there are over 200 beautifully rendered ships to competitively blast each other with! Blending realistic wargaming and arcade-style ease of control, the game is easy to get into and a challenge to become an expert at. Being a naval warfare game, it stands out by switching out the familiar ground and aerial warfare for the high seas which are a welcome change of setting and pace.

What Makes World of Warships Fun?

  • Over 200 historically-accurate warships and submarines to unlock and customize.
  • A healthy and involved community means there are always new updates and gameplay improvements.
  • The setting and pacing of naval warfare is a breath of fresh, salty air.

Anchors away: World of Warships provides a refreshing take on military shooters with naval combat.

Holy ship: Just like its armored based cousin, World of Warships has more naval craft to unlock and customize than you thought imaginable.

4. War Thunder (PC / Playstation 4 / Xbox One)

War Thunder gameplay

A favorite among the military, wargaming, and casual circles alike, War Thunder is history buffs dream when it comes to all types of vehicles that go boom. Vehicles of all sorts and from varying time periods are expertly rendered in large scale battlefields that span the ground, air, and sea. The gameplay is easy to pick up at first but is extraordinarily deep and complex, which should appeal to both new players and expert wargamers. With constant vehicle and map updates, this shooter really offers so much it’s mind-boggling.

What Makes War Thunder Fun?

  • Over 1,000 unique tanks, aircraft, and ships to wage war with.
  • Huge battles of up to 64 players create a sense of a real all-out war.
  • Multiple play modes for arcade, realistic, and simulation styles ensure everyone from a new player to simulation buffs can have some fun.

On the way: War Thunder provides modes for realistic and arcade styles of play for its air, sea, and land combat.

Bombs away: Take the fight to the skies in large scale all-out war in War Thunder.

3. World of Guns: Gun Disassembly (PC / Mobile)

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly gameplay

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly is a truly unique entry on this list. A cross-genre simulation and puzzle game, World of Guns takes detail to a whole new level by allowing the player to disassemble and examine every inch of famous firearms and other mechanical contraptions down to the screw. Whether you are simply wanting to learn how a firearm works in or wanting to compete against others with your knowledge, the game provides a number of ways to appreciate the beautifully modeled pieces of firearm history.

(Video) Best war games 2020| Top 10 best Military War games for PS4,XboxOne,PC

What Makes World of Guns: Gun Disassembly Fun?

  • 211 models of beautifully crafted firearms and counting with constant updates.
  • A completely unique way to experience the weapons of war and other mechanical wonders.
  • Various modes for either educational, quiz, or competitive play.

X-Ray vision: Learn how famous weapon systems realistically operate in this educational and impressive game.

Shooting range: Test all of the models in a realistic shooting range and learn exactly how they operate.

2. War Selection (PC)

War Selection gameplay

War Selection is a brand new pseudo-historical real-time strategy game available on Steam. Gather resources, build your civilization, and set your armies upon up to 61 other players in free for all Armageddon mode. A bright color scheme and classic RTS designs make this game an enjoyable romp throughout the ages from the Stone Age to Modern Times!

What Makes War Selection Fun?

  • 62 player free for all Armageddon mode.
  • Multiple factions and cultures to choose from leading to a diversity of unit types.
  • Progressive eras of history and competing factions can lead to unique encounters involving units of multiple time periods.

Iron age: Take your civilization from the iron age to the modern era in War Selection.

Armageddon: Compete against and conquer up to 61 other players in free for all Armageddon mode.

1. Call to Arms (PC)

Call to Arms gameplay

Call to Arms blurs the lines between RTS, third person, and first-person shooter, mashing all three into one for an amazing modern warfare experience. Allowing players to take control of the conflict at all levels, the game seamlessly moves between top-down planning to the intense ground and aerial combat. The game is moving to a paid full version this year, so head on over to Steam to enjoy the free version before it’s gone!

What Makes Call to Arms Fun?

  • A creative blend between real-time strategy and third/first-person shooter.
  • Singleplayer and competitive modes to satisfy all types of players.
  • Focus on realistic modern warfare gives the game a unique identity.

Headshot: Play from a third or first-person shooter mode to influence the battlefield on the local level.

(Video) Top 13 Best Roblox Military games to play in 2021

Command and control: Call to Arms features a unique blended style of RTS and shooting mechanics for an amazing military experience.

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Which War games can be played for free?

  • Age of War.
  • Crazy Shooters 2.
  • Snowball.io.
  • Combat Reloaded.
  • Crazy Shooters.

What is the best war game out? ›

Is Enlisted free? ›

What is this? The quick answer is that Enlisted is free to play across every platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on Xbox Series X/S, the PlayStation 5, or PC. As of April 8, 2021, it entered open beta so everyone can sign up and play.

What’s the most realistic military game on Xbox? ›

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

What is the most realistic war movie? ›

Platoon (1986)

This “best war movie” is often mentioned by Vietnam veterans of one of the most accurate depictions of the war, thanks in no small part to its Vietnam veteran director, Oliver Stone.

What is the most realistic military game on PS5? ›

There have been a couple of new expansions that feature new game modes, maps, vehicles, and weapons. As far as realism goes, Battlefield 1 tries to stay true to reality by including weapons and vehicles that were actually used in the Great War.

Is Warthunder free? ›

War Thunder is the most comprehensive free-to-play MMO military game dedicated to aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft from World War II and the Cold War.

Are war games realistic? ›

Games do exist where a single bullet can kill (for example, the ARMA series, although even there some aspects of the damage system are unrealistic). Some games, such as Task Force Dagger, are based on real-world situations, but others use fictional situations loosely equivalent to the real world.

What is the best free game in Steam? ›

  • Apex Legends. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Brawlhalla. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Crusader Kings II. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Doki Doki Literature Club. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Dota 2. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Gwent. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Path of Exile. (Image credit: Valve)

Is Enlisted single player? ›

Enlisted is a free squad-based (MMO) first-person shooter game based around major World War II battles, developed by Darkflow Software and published by Gaijin Entertainment….

Enlisted (video game)

Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer

5 more rows

What is Shall we play a game from? ›

Shall we play a game? In the scene where the Black Widow boots up SHIELD’s supercomputer from a bygone era, she asks Captain America, “Shall we play a game?”, with Captain America replying, “Love to. How about Global Thermonuclear War?” This is a reference to a line from WarGames, a 1983 Cold War sci-fi film.

Is Enlisted violent? ›

This game features strong violence. Players use WW2 era weaponry and vehicles to attack enemy squads and complete their mission objectives. Characters respond to violence in a realistic manner and some blood is shown, although there are no visible injuries.

Is Enlisted realistic? ›

Yes, this game is absolutely about realism. It’s mainly about realism, but has some compromises. Only a little realism, mostly a fun WW2 first person shooter.

What is the best free ww2 game? ›

9 Best Free-to-Play World War II Games on Steam

  • War Thunder.
  • Heroes & Generals.
  • World of Tanks.
  • World of Tanks Blitz.
  • Call of War: World War 2.
  • World of Warships.
  • World of Warplanes.
  • Order of Battle: World War II.

How do military wargames work? ›

There are two components to a war game: field exercises and command post exercises. For the former, actual troops are dispatched to either defend or attack airfields, communications centers, and other militarily significant sites.

What games are available for PC? ›

Personal computer

What are MilSim video games? ›

In MilSim — a portmanteau for “military simulation” — first-person shooter games meet outdoor endurance events. Participants wear authentic military apparel and wield realistic airsoft guns to simulate 40 hours of frontline combat.

Can you play insurgency on Mac? ›

Playable on PC, Mac OSX, and Linux with multiplayer cross-compatibility. Dedicated Server Support for PC and Linux.

Is there any free games on Xbox? ›

Best Xbox Store free games

Rocket League. Brawlhalla. Vigor. Call of Duty: Warzone.

Is squad coming to PS5? ›

Can PS4 and PS5 Players play together? Yes! If you upgrade to PlayStation 5, you’ll still be able to play with your Squad on PlayStation 4.

Is squad the game on Xbox? ›

New MMO Squad Based Shooter Enlisted is Available Now for Xbox Series X|S and PC Players. Enlisted. Official channel.

Is Saving Private Ryan true story? ›

While much of the movie is a fictional account, the premise behind Capt. Miller’s mission is based on a true story. That is the story of the Niland brothers — Edward, Preston, Robert, and Frederick — from Tonawanda, New York. The two middle brothers, Preston and Robert, had enlisted prior to the beginning of the War.

Is the hurt locker realistic? ›

The Hurt Locker was born of Boal’s embed with an Army EOD unit, which gives the film a further air of authority and authenticity—based on true events and all—though he took many, many liberties in crafting the story.

Does PlayStation 4 have WW3? ›

World War 3 is a very popular multiplayer shooter on the PC, but you can’t currently play WW3 on consoles. This begs the question: Are the developers from TheFarm51 planning a release on PlayStation and Xbox in addition to the PC?

Is war of rights on PlayStation? ›

As of right now, the developer of War of Rights, Campfire Games, has said that they are currently working exclusively on the PC version of the game with no mention of a potential War of Rights PS4 release.

Can you play Arma on Xbox? ›

The short answer is yes, Arma Reforger is on Xbox consoles.

Is War Thunder pay to win? ›

War Thunder. You don’t “buy” the best planes, so it comes across that it’s not actually pay to win. However if you don’t buy golden eagles you can not convert XP. The game is just a hugeeee grind if you don’t buy lions, research just takes forever and aquiring new planes is just a chore.

What is the biggest bomb in War Thunder? ›

The Pe-8 can carry the FAB-5000 bomb, the largest bomb in-game, with over 5 tons of TNT equivalent, which proves extremely deadly in ground RB and naval battles.

Is War Thunder a VR? ›

War Thunder is a virtual reality game for the Playstation VR and Oculus Rift platforms.

What is the longest war game ever? ›

MICHAEL OTT, AXEL BARTH, SARAH BIRKE, DON KALAL, RUDI SCHEUNEMANN, AND SEBASTIAN STÖHR played a marathon 170 hour game of war in Munich, Germany on January 11, 2011 according to Guiness Book of World Records.

What is Roblox military simulator? ›

Military Simulator is a game on ROBLOX, an interactive platform for users to make games, and have fun. Military Simulator is a roleplay game, revolving under a story of a border in the Soviet Union. It is officially classed as a ‘All’ game, but it is generally referred as a border game.

What is the oldest war game? ›

The first wargame was invented in Prussia in 1780 by Johann Christian Ludwig Hellwig. Hellwig’s wargame was the first true wargame because it attempted to be realistic enough to teach useful lessons in military strategy to future army officers.

What is the best free game in Steam? ›

  • Apex Legends. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Brawlhalla. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Crusader Kings II. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Doki Doki Literature Club. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Dota 2. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Gwent. (Image credit: Valve) …
  • Path of Exile. (Image credit: Valve)

What games are available for PC? ›

Personal computer

How do military wargames work? ›

There are two components to a war game: field exercises and command post exercises. For the former, actual troops are dispatched to either defend or attack airfields, communications centers, and other militarily significant sites.

What is war games in real life? ›

A wargame is a strategy game in which two or more players command opposing armed forces in a realistic simulation of an armed conflict. Wargaming may be played for recreation, to train military officers in the art of strategic thinking, or to study the nature of potential conflicts.

What are MilSim video games? ›

In MilSim — a portmanteau for “military simulation” — first-person shooter games meet outdoor endurance events. Participants wear authentic military apparel and wield realistic airsoft guns to simulate 40 hours of frontline combat.

What is the most realistic war movie? ›

Platoon (1986)

This “best war movie” is often mentioned by Vietnam veterans of one of the most accurate depictions of the war, thanks in no small part to its Vietnam veteran director, Oliver Stone.

What games can I play free? ›

The best free-to-play games

  • Apex Legends. Although Fortnite is without a doubt the most popular free-to-play battle royale game, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a great time with the rest of the bunch. …
  • Doki Doki Literature Club. …
  • Eve Online. …
  • Fallout Shelter. …
  • Fortnite Battle Royale. …
  • Hearthstone. …
  • League of Legends. …
  • Pokémon Go.

Is rust a free game? ›

Is Rust free-to-play? No, Rust is not a free game. It is a paid experience without any free-to-play game modes. The game is currently available for purchase on Steam for a listed price of $39.99.

What is the most fun free game? ›

The best free games, starting with…

  • Paladins.
  • Fallout Shelter. (Image credit: Bethesda) …
  • World of Tanks. (Image credit: Wargaming) …
  • Runescape. (Image credit: Jagex) …
  • Smite. (Image credit: Hi-Rez Studios) …
  • Pinball FX3. (Image credit: Zen Studios) …
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic. Genre: MMORPG. …
  • Dragalia Lost. Genre: Action RPG. …

Which is the No 1 game in the world? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?

Game title Publisher
1. ROBLOX Roblox Corporation
2. Minecraft Mojang Studios
3. The Sims 4 Electronic Arts
4. Fortnite Epic Games

16 more rows

What is the #1 game in the world? ›

The top #1 most played popular game in the world right now is Minecraft. Released back on 18 November 2011, Mojang Studios was able to sell above 238 million copies of the game across all platforms, with around 600 registered players. Minecraft has a good track record with constant updates and version releases.

Is Steam a free? ›

Steam itself is free to download and use, but many of the games available do come with a cost. Some games are free-to-play or cost as little as $1, but new releases from the biggest and best developers can cost as much as $60–70 each.

Does the army have war games? ›

War gaming

Years ago, military commanders would plan, prepare, and test their tactics on a worn map. They would shift wooden models around the ink and parchment, the models representing the movement of troops. Today, they play a video game instead.

Are war games useful? ›

Wargames help strip down a strategic, operational, or tactical problem and reduce its complexity in order to identify the few, important factors that constrain us or an opponent.

How war games are fought? ›

War games are usually played by teams—playing the role of military forces and decision-makers of the United States and perhaps allies (the Blue team), facing down proxy military forces and decision-makers of one or more adversaries (the Red team).


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